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Master’s Theses

All the topics relevant to master’s thesis are in accordance with the Department’s research areas.

We invite students interested in:

organic synthesis

molecular modelling

structural studies of organic compounds

Examples of master's theses topics:

  1.  Molecular imprinting of bioanalytes
  2. Synthesis of compounds with a benzamidine moiety with expected antimicrobial and antitumor activity
  3. Theoretical analysis of ADMET parameters of potential chemotherapeutics - pharmacokinetic parameters of therapeutic substances
  4. Synthesis of cationic and heterocyclic chemotherapeutics with anti-cancer and antidepressant potential
  5. Optimization of the synthesis of compounds with potential biological activity from the group of coumarins and their syntons in a microwave reactor
  6. Synthesis of microparticles of imprinted polymers and theoretical analysis of molecular recognition
  7. Computer simulations of interactions of therapeutic substances with molecular targets
  8. Optimization of solid-state extraction, optimization of biomolecule determination methods using HPLC with UV and fluorescence detection