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Patents and awards


1.   Antifungal Compunds

Courchesne, W.E., Hejchman, E., Maciejewska, D., Kossakowski, J., Ostrowska, K.

Number and date of application: US Patent 20090270496, 2009

2. Molecularly imprinted polymer forming the layer recognizing aripiprazole, the method of creating the layer of this polymer, its use in the construction of chemical sensors for the determination of apiprazole and 4-[3,6-di(tiophen-2-yl)-9H-carbazol-9-yl]benzoic acid, the method of its preparation and the use in the synthesis of a polymer molecularly imprinted with aripiprazole.

Cieplak, M., Gajda, M., Rybakiewicz, R., Żołek, T., Maciejewska, D., Gilant, E., Rudzki, P., Yadav, J., Materska-Wilczyńska, P., Kutner, A., Kutner, W., Noworyta, K.

Numer i data zgłoszenia: Patent Office of the Republic of Poland PL432365, 22.12.2019


The special ERiNET Innovatorenpreis 2018 award for the invention of our employees. The innovation entitled: Molecularly imprinted polymers employing carbazole and thiophene monomers and their application as recognition layers in chemosensors of aripiprazole and human chorionic gonadotropin, co-authors of which are professor Dorota Maciejewska, PhD and Teresa Żołek PhD was awarded at the International Technology Fair ERiNEA 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany (1-4 November 2018)

The competition was organized by Forschungsinstitut für Erfinderförderung, Innovationen und Netzwerkmanagement.